Naveen Kishore
Mountain/What is the Way Up?

A literary exploration of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Mountain

In these pages, photographs detailing Anish Kapoor’s vast aluminium sculpture Mountain are considered alongside a three-part theatrical piece by Naveen Kishore entitled ‘What is the Way Up’? Made of 120 individual layers of aluminium, the sloping sides of Kapoor’s Mountain evoke the natural process of formation by erosion, but also serve as testimony to the sophisticated technology underlying its construction. The assembled whole invites the spectator to partake in a contemplative journey as does Kishore’s protagonist who reacts and responds to the supernatural presence of Kapoor’s Mountain, expressing her anguish and surprise at the sculpture’s scale, texture, and elusive curves. An electrifying encounter between the metal monumentalism of Kapoor’s awe-inspiring work and the ebb and flow of Kishore’s emotionally charged prose.

The Art Monographs

The Art Monographs, a series from Sylph Editions, juxtaposes works of art with literary writing. Informative, evocative, and associative, these lavishly produced books are a compelling portrayal of what happens when word and image coalesce.

  • 24 pages

  • 6 colour images

  • 240 x 150mm

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