Large Box

Balanchine Then and Now Edited by Anne Hogan
Mountain/What is the Way up?
Naveen Kishore
A Typographic Abecedarium
Ornan Rotem
Breathing Underwater
Lisa Davidson and Ralph Petty
Painted Nudes
Saul Leiter
Electric Trees: Reflections of Angola
Jenny Gal-Or and Eran Gal-Or

If you are looking for an extra art kick, this is your box. Much-acclaimed Painted Nudes, is a meticulously printed selection of Saul Leiter's stunning painted photographs accompanied by quotes and an introductory essay by Mona Gainer-Salim. Also in this box is Electric Trees: Images of Angola, which witnesses the country's post-civil war awakening through candid pictures and the testimony of people working towards a change. In Mountain/What is the Way Up? the magnitude of Anish Kapoor's aluminium sculpture is explored in Naveen Kishore's text and probed in detailed photographs. Balanchine Then and Now analyses the impact of the iconic classical ballet choreographer through testimonies by artists and academics alike. In Breathing Underwater, immerse yourself in a world where dream and nightmare live side by side, brought to life by Ralph Petty's drawings and Lisa Davidson's poetry. Finally, in A Typographic Abecedarium, see the world under a different light as it presents itself in the form of letters in the pictures and writing of Ornan Rotem.

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  • 6 volumes

  • £ 60