Hattie Pond
On Wandsworth Bridge

A novel

The protagonists of On Wandsworth Bridge come alive with a touching humanity as the novel tells the lively story of an unwitting hero’s journey from London to West Africa and back, fundamentally changing both his society and his universe. Literary fiction with cross-genre elements, social satire, cosmological hypotheses, feminism, sci-fi, religion, humour and imaginative wordplay, the novel’s underlying theme builds on CP Snow’s two cultures – the divide between the sciences and the humanities – and asks what it takes to change the future.

‘I absolutely adore this book. It’s vividly characterised, with such skill that one can see every single character clearly, no matter how minor their role . . . their hair, clothes, way of walking, way of talking. It’s highly original, wild, witty, imaginative and huge fun, and the dialogue is an unfailing delight. This novel deserves to be read. We deserve to read it.’ —  Elspeth Barker

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  • 388 pages

  • Over 12 images

  • 137 x 200mm

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  • Publication date: 

    April 2018

  • £ 14