Robert James Berry

A man loves a woman, and immortalises their story on paper. The central conceit of Gorgeous is as old as storytelling itself, but Robert James Berry approaches this seemingly dusty form with extraordinary freshness. Each poem is a burst of colour, communicating a delight in the senses that is almost startling in its immediacy. From the fruit markets of Southeast Asia to the dishevelled hills of the British Isles, Berry traces the ups and downs of his protagonists’ relationship. Over the course of decades, it experiences lulls and storms, titanic upheavals punctuated by lacunae of charmed happiness.

Images fashioned specially for this book by C. Sabarsky apply the poems’ luminous colours to a series of contemplative photographs. Immoderate in feeling, direct in voice, this small book is a compendium of pain and pleasure, a sort of A to Z anatomising the joys and griefs of love.

  • 96 pages

  • 22 colour images

  • 120 x 216mm

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