Jeffrey Greene and Ralph Petty
Shades of the Other Shore

Shades of the Other Shore has come about through a collaboration between writer Jeffrey Greene and artist Ralph Petty. The two, writer and artist, share rural American beginnings, but have since discovered a new life in France, in sparsely populated French areas of Burgundy and the Ardèche, respectively. Their cahier offers a deep mapping of their adopted regions: Greene’s sequence of sketches and poems explores imagined correspondences between personal and historical ghosts tied to the seasons; Petty’s watercolours record a journey to the source of a local river. The result is a rich artistic translation, through their American sensibilities, of the landscapes of their chosen homes.

In 2016, Sylph Editions published Ralph Petty's drawings in Breathing Underwater, alongside poems by Lisa Davidson.

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Tony's Reading List September 2013

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