Rachel Shihor
Days Bygone

Translated from the Hebrew by Ornan Rotem

Four excerpts from Rachel Shihor’s novella Yankinton have been selected, and translated from the Hebrew for this cahier. These poignant and humorous tales are as much about the act of recollection as they are about the remembered Tel Aviv of the 1940s. In a playful and yet muted style, Shihor tells of the everyday life of a child beginning to grasp her surroundings. Six works by the painter David Hendler further explore the city.

In 2015, Sylph Editions published Rachel Shihor's Stalin is Dead.

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  • 44 pages

  • 6 images

  • 240 x 150mm

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  • Sewn paperback with dust jacket

  • Available as part of boxed set of six cahiers

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