Marina Warner

What happened to time during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns? Acclaimed novelist and essayist Marina Warner recounts how strangely her days and weeks passed, in this highly personal account of a response to lockdown in which she delves into her experience of Catholic convent schools for some clues as to how each day might be marked as significant. She discusses missals, almanacs, Roman and Revolutionary calendars, developing her thoughts into what amounts almost to a manifesto – for a new way of rendering each day different, memorable, human. Her text is accompanied by a further response to lockdown, by the Greek photographer Dimitris Kleanthis, whose haunting images somehow make visible the suspension-and-acceleration of time experienced by so many, while also hinting at how, to the eye that is acute enough, there may always be an event taking place.

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  • 44 pages

  • 10 illustrations

  • 240 x 150 mm

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  • Publication date: 

    January 2023

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