Marcus Flacks
The Cloud Collector

Volume 1 of Strange Tales from the Ivory Crescent

Inspired by the wonderful objects that have punctuated his long career as a scholar and expert in Chinese antiques, Marcus Flacks melds the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of a Western aesthetic education with a lifetime spent in the study and appreciation of China’s literati culture. The result is a richly textured fictional world populated by beleaguered courtiers, reclusive scholars and other-worldly creatures. Reality and fable, antiquity and modernity and Chinese and Western thought and aesthetics combine in a heady mixture that offers the modern reader a multitude of delights, surprises and opportunities for reflection.

An inspired selection of images, ranging from Roman statues and Renaissance paintings to early Western photography, provides a beguiling visual context for these singular tales.

See also Chasing Clouds, volume 2 of Strange Tales from the Ivory Crescent

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  • 296 pages

  • More than 50 colour illustrations

  • 225 x 155mm

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  • Publication date: 

    March 2021

  • £ 21