Hormazd Narielwalla
Paper Dolls

Sylph Editions is proud to announce the publication of Paper Dolls, a deliciously visual illustrated book on the cut-out collage artworks of artist Hormazd Narielwalla. Born in India and now living in London, with recent shows at Southbank Centre and the Royal Academy, Narielwalla has carved out his unique place on the contemporary art scene as the master puppeteer, instilling new life into paper shapes from the past through the creation of rich layers of meaning, symbolism and sublime abstract patterns of colour and form alike.

The book brings together a collection of his signature abstract collage artworks on vintage sewing patterns, alongside a set of figurative self-portraits, where Narielwalla casts himself as a mysterious Geisha. Inspired by an encounter in the streets of Soho, the artist is lured into an exploration of the Far East and takes the viewer along, as he conjures up paper dolls, hidden gardens, people and portraits.

  • Roughly 80 pages

  • 20-30 illustrations

  • Size: 250 x 350 mm

  • Publication date: 

    Late spring 2018