Françoise and Douglas Kirkland
Physical Poetry Alphabet

Douglas Kirkland is one of the doyens of portrait photography in the motion picture industry‭, notably in Hollywood‭. ‬This publication‭, ‬however‭, ‬is different‭: ‬it is a circus‭, ‬a celebration of design and a movie‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬all rolled into one and presented in an exuberant and lush book. ‬Working with Françoise Kirkland, the‭ ‬inimitable acrobatic sky dancer Erika Lemay, Milanese fashion director Simone Guidarelli, and designer William Thoren the team created a modern-day abecedarium. The playful creation harks back to the corporeal origins of the alphabet, echoing similar exercises in Western culture from the‭ ‬Renaissance‭ ‬to the great works of Art Deco, notably Erté’s famous alphabet suite. ‬Besides Douglas Kirkland’s impeccable photography‭, ‬the reader is invited‭ ‬‘backstage’‭ ‬to the making of these images and to a discussion of the relationship between the human body and letters‭.‬

The book will be published as a trade edition and for collectors, a limited edition inside a slipcase with an original Douglas Kirkland print. Details to follow.
  • 88 pages

  • Over 40 images

  • 247 x 290mm

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  • Publication date: 

    Available from June ’18

  • £ 45