The Cahiers Series (Choice of Six)

We would like to offer our customers an opportunity to create their unique combination of six cahiers from the current available cahiers, choosing any six cahiers.

After payment, e-mail your choice of six via this link:
Set of Six

Currently avaialble cahiers are:

C3: Jonathan Harvey and Jean-Claude Carrière | Circles of Silence (Only available in the boxed set)

C4: Alan Jenkins | Drunken Boats (Only available in the boxed set)

C6: Isabella Ducrot | Text on Textile (Only available in the boxed set)

C7: Rachel Shihor | Days Bygone (Only available in the boxed set)

C9: Simon Leys | Notes from the Hall of Uselessness (Only available in the boxed set)

C10: Keith Botsford | Józef Czapski: A Life in Translation (Only available in the boxed set)

C13: Gao Xingjian | Ballade Nocturne (Only available in the boxed set)

C15: Daniel Albright | Evasions

C17: Ivan Vladislavic | A Labour of Moles (Only available in the boxed set)

C18: Elfriede Jelinek | Her Not All Her

C20: Jeffrey Greene and Ralph Petty | Shades of the Other Shore

C21: Anne Carson | Nay Rather

C22: Paul Griffiths | The Tilted Cup: Noh Stories

C23: Idra Novey | Clarice: the Visitor

C24: Maureen Freely | Angry in Piraeus

C25: Marlene van Niekerk | The Swan Whisperer

C26: Franco Nasi | Translator’s Blues

C27: Kirsty Gunn | Going Bush

C28: Javier Marías | To Begin at the Beginning

C29: Georgi Gospodinov | The Story Smuggler

C30: Sylvia Brownrigg | Invisible Countries

C31: Éric Chevillard | QWERTY Invectives

C32: James E. Montgomery | Loss Sings

C33: Olga Medvedkova | Going Where

C34: Neel Mukherjee | Avian

C35: Andrea Applebee | Mercy Athena

C36: Peter Cole and Terry Winters | On Being Drawn

C37: Anna-Louise Milne | A General Practice

C38: Rachel Cusk and Siemon Scamell-Katz | Quarry

C39: Marina Warner | Temporale

Please note that out of print cahiers can only be purchased as part of the complete set of 39.

  • Boxed Set offer

  • £ 72